What is Refrigerated Ducted Air Conditioning?

Australia’s climate is known for its extremes, from our scorching hot summers to our cold and sometimes icy winters. In such an environment, it is essential to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature for a pleasant working and living experience. One type of technology that has gained popularity in Australia because of its ability to combat the challenge of maintaining indoor temperatures is refrigerated ducted air conditioning. This article will explore what this type of air conditioning is, how it works, what the benefits of it are. Then, keep reading to find out where to find out where to go when you need a professional air conditioning service for your air conditioner in the Melbourne area.

What are the Key Components of Refrigerated Ducted Air Conditioning?

There are several different components that make up a refrigerated ducted air conditioning system, which are explained below:

  • Indoor Unit: Inside the home, this unit is generally installed in a roof cavity, or else a dedicated utility space. The indoor unit contains the evaporator coil, which facilitates the cooling process, or alternatively, the heating process.
  • Outdoor Unit: This unit outside the home contains the compressor, the condenser coil, and a fan. This unit is responsible for sending cold or hot refrigerant into the indoor unit, depending if the system is heating or cooling the home at a given time.
  • Ductwork: This type of cooling technology requires a network of insulated ducts that distribute the conditioned air to the various rooms or zones within the home.
  • Registers and Grilles: Registers and grilles are the visible parts of the ducted system, and they provide openings for the conditioned air to enter the rooms. They also return the airflow back into the system.
  • Ductwork: This type of cooling technology requires a network of insulated ducts that distribute the conditioned air to the various rooms or zones within the home.
  • Thermostat: The thermostat is the control center of this air conditioning system. Through the thermostat, the temperature can be set for the different zones, or rooms within the home, and this allows precise temperature control.

How Does Refrigerated Ducted Air Conditioning Work?

Refrigerated Ducted Air Conditioning uses a process called reverse cycle technology in order to both cool and heat the home efficiently.

  • Cooling Mode: When the thermostat is set to a low temperature on a hot summer day, this initiates the system’s cooling process through the indoor unit. This indoor unit utilises its evaporator coil to absorb warm air from inside the home, and this is then transferred to the outdoor unit. Here, the compressor and the condenser coil work together to release the heat into the outside air. At the same time, the resulting cooled air is circulated throughout the home through the ductwork, and into the various rooms through the registers and grilles.
  • Heating Mode: During the chilly winter months, the thermostat can be adjusted to a higher temperature, which leads to the system reversing its operation. The outdoor unit extracts heat from the outdoor air and this is then transferred to the indoor unit, where the evaporator coil releases this heat into the home. This is also done via the network of ducts, registers, and grilles, and warms the indoor space.

What are the Benefits of Refrigerated Ducted Air Conditioning?

  • Year-Round Comfort: One of the most important advantages of this type of air conditioning system is its ability to provide both heating and cooling. In the sometimes unpredictable and changeable Australian climate, this is a significant benefit for many homes.
  • Energy Efficiency: These modern systems are actually highly energy-efficient, which is an attractive advantage for those looking to make a sustainable and eco-friendly choice, while also potentially saving money on energy bills.
  • Zone Control: Refrigerated Ducted Air Conditioning systems allow the division of the home into different zones, each with its own temperature settings. This enhances control over the temperature in the home and means that homeowners can precisely select which areas, or zones, of the house are to be heated or cooled at any given time.
  • Discreet Appearance: As most components of this system, such as the ductwork and the indoor unit, are hidden refrigerated ducted air conditioning will not interfere with the aesthetic appearance of the home. Further, registers and grilles are available in many different designs that suit the aesthetics of any type of home.
  • Reduced Noise: Refrigerated ducted air conditioning systems are known to operate quietly and efficiently, meaning minimal noise disruption within the home.

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